K-12 Teacher Workshops

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We will be offering FREE three-day classroom and field based workshops to K-12 educators in Utah. This work is in collaboration with the Utah Society of Environmental Education (USEE). View additional information and register at the USEE events calendar: https://usee.org/events/events-calendar/in-person-event/experiencing-utah-s-volcanoes-with-usee-and-westminster-college

Do you need to develop Earth Science curriculum that meets the new Utah Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) standards? Would you like to explore some of the ancient volcanoes in Utah? This three-day workshop is intended to increase your knowledge of volcanism in Utah and assist with developing curriculum that meets science learning standards. Participants will learn about magma generation and classification, volcano and lava type identification, and how volcanic rocks are dated in geologic time. This 3-day workshop includes one all-day field trip to visit volcanoes and collect samples that can be used in the classroom. All participants will need a laptop.

Workshop Goals

K-12 educators will improve their knowledge of geology, particularly in the subfields of igneous process and geochronology.

K-12 educators will understand the type, distribution, and timing of volcanism in Utah.

K-12 educators will understand geologic time and how geochronologic analyses are performed.

K-12 educators will learn field sites, field safety, and field identification of volcanic rocks.

K-12 educators will develop inquiry-based curriculum that meets Utah’s science standards to implement in their classrooms.

K-12 educators will build a materials teaching collection (physical or virtual samples) that can be used in their classrooms.

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